FRC Discussion: Stone Butch Blues

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Re: FRC Discussion: Stone Butch Blues

Postby wildlx » 10 Dec 2010, 08:59

A lesbian is the rage of all women condensed to the point of explosion. “The Woman-Identified Woman” Radicalesbians (1970)
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Re: FRC Discussion: Stone Butch Blues

Postby FranW » 11 Dec 2010, 07:49

Going back to the butch/femme thing: while lesbians themselves may have moved past it, straight society has not.

Ceara Sturgis is a high school student in Mississippi. She wore a tuxedo for her school picture rather than wearing the drape that girls are required to put on for the photo shoot. The school deleted the picture of Ceara from the yearbook because, well, obviously, she was a girl wearing a tuxedo! Bad!

She's sued, saying that she likes to wear masculine clothes and that her right to gender identity was violated.

The school's response? They have a photo of her in a bikini at a school party. Therefore, she dresses like a girl. Therefore, she cannot ever want to dress like a boy. Therefore, she's just trying to stir up trouble.

"Indeed, it is hard to conceive of an item of clothing more sexualizing and feminine than a bikini," the district said in the documents. ... -s-lawsuit

A bikini, like anything else, is only sexualising if you make it so, Mr School District Sex-Obsessed Homophobic Paedophile. For some people, it's swimwear. Particularly when it's too hot to wear clothes at all. Which happens a lot in Mississipi. And it's not like she could wear a Speedo and no top the way the guys do, eh?

Good on Ceara for fighting this. That takes courage.
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