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Postby deej » 20 Mar 2010, 04:18

Broken Wings
Winner, Alice B Readers Lavender Certificate, 2008

Short List, Sir Julius Vogel Best Novel Award, 2007

Lady Knight
Recommended Short List, Gaylactic Spectrum Best Novel Award, 2008

Adijan and her Genie

Adijan and Her Genie is now also available as an e-book.

Promises, Promises

Please support gay-friendly bookstores when you purchase books!

Powell’s, Barnes&Noble, Indie Bound, or The Book Depository (UK, free international shipping)
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Re: L-J Baker's Books

Postby darkness » 26 Jul 2010, 20:50

Hi, i've got to admit i was puzzled by something,,when i visited L-J Baker's website there was a whole list of stories with sample chapters but i couldn't find any of them in full. Are they in the process of being written do you know or are they in the process of being published because i really want to read the story about the not very good witch (spell,book and candle)
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Not much sign of life yet
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Re: L-J Baker's Books

Postby Baker » 31 Jul 2010, 08:50

Written but not yet published. Sorry. If they ever find a home (and I am getting nagged lots about that--thank you Fran and Deej), I'll be sure to make a big splashy announcement about it. :-)
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