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A Little About L-J

Postby deej » 20 Mar 2010, 11:29

L-J Baker Wrote

Kia ora. Hi, I'm L-J Baker.

(Yeah, L-J is my real name. Hyphen, but no periods--I have enough of those, thank you! :wink:)

I live in New Zealand. (It's on the bottom of the planet.)

My first novel Broken Wings is a romantic fantasy set in a forest world. (Don't let that put you off.)

My second novel Lady Knight is a medieval romantic fantasy about a woman knight. Image

The third of my novels to hit print will be Adijan and Her Genie. It's a fantasy, set in an 'Arabian Nights' world with magicians, genies, and flying carpets. Adijan is a young woman with big dreams but not a shred of good luck. She has to put her grandiose plans aside, and pull out all the stops, to try to win back her wife. Expected publication date January 09.

Visit my personal wordchutney webpage for sample chapters of my fiction, and info about my novels, short stories, and e-books.

Feel free to drop by my livejournal L-J on LJ or start topics here.

I'm always happy to discuss my books. Though, I can't give too much away about works in progress, of course. :wink:

Raise your hand if someone you know is alive today because you can't afford a hit man.
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