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Don't Buy My Book

Postby Sacchi » 15 Mar 2014, 13:15

My publisher has re-issued Lesbian Cops: Erotic Adventures with a new title (Women with Handcuffs) and cover, literally stripping off the old cover and affixing a new one. This is because so few copies of the paperback sold (and so many were returned) that they have a big backlog of them. I wasn't told until the process was well underway, and they have a legal right to do this under the contract. I sympathize with the need to sell the copies, but I'm upset that they're calling it "Sacchi Green's latest book," and I want to let folks who might have already bought the first one know that they don't need to buy this one. The new erotica column of Library Journal gave the not-really-new book a starred review, which it does deserve--it was also a Lambda Finalist the year before last--but I'm sure they weren't told that it was a reissue. I've mentioned the reissue part on Facebook and elsewhere, but I just saw the publisher posting there about my "latest." Maybe even their publicist in charge of social media doesn't know the whole story.

When I asked what they'd do about people who bought the new version and complained, they said they'd issue refunds, but i'm afraid plenty of people will be down on both me and the publisher about this. And yes, I just sent off my signed contract for the next book, The Princess's Bride right before I saw the claim about my "latest."

No, I don't have the moral fortitude to cut loose from this publisher over this, but I do want to let those friends who might think of buying it know the score. I did tell all the book's contributors what was going on when the book cover went up on Amazon, and some had already figured it out.
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Re: Don't Buy My Book

Postby FranW » 15 Mar 2014, 17:17

Oh dear. New cover is fine, but calling it your latest book really isn't so fine.
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